View Full Version : Want To Trade Walkera #36 RTF Heli for ARF Electric Plane

12-12-2008, 09:23 AM
I have a Walkera #36 RTF helicopter with aluminum head and Head-Lock Gyro that I want to trade for an electric plane with motor, esc and hopefully servos. The heli belonged to my brother but he could not get the hang of flying heli's on my simulator so he was afraid to fly his Walkera for fear of crashing and destroying it. He gave it to me but I already have three heli's and don't need another. I want to try out electric planes but don't want to invest too much money on them.
I don't mind that the plane be used so long it is in good shape. It needs to have a brushless motor and ESC combo installed. I would prefer it came with the servos too. I can find my own transmitter since I know those are expensive I will get one later. When I can afford it.

The Walkera comes complete with transmitter and all electrics. It also has an upgraded 3500Kv brushless motor and 30amp esc. The gyro is a Walkera head-locking gyro. The aluminum head is new. All you need is a battery and you're ready to go.

You need to have plenty of pictures available so I can tell what kind of shape it's in. Like I said before, I don't know much about planes so please don't trade me something that I won't be able to just hook up a transmitter + receiver and start flying. I'm not reaching for the stars but I do want a plane that looks good and will fly nice. The Walkera I'm trading is a nice heli and I would like something equal or close to the same value.

If someone decides to trade then we both pay our own shipping. Thanks for looking guys...

It also comes with an extra pair of blades(not shown)

What you see in the pics is what you will get...

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