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Matt Jenner
01-01-2009, 01:55 PM
get a life Peter

i am not self important,

Nice to see you have influence over this forum, and have got the mods jumping though hoops for you... as only they can close threads so they have obviously allowed youy to have the last word and then closed the thread... how much did you bribe them this time

just proves my point that the scale forum is full of snobs and is a closed forum and people who think they can buy people... and bully the rest,,

"turbine flyers due to the nature of the equipment they fly tend to be people who say it as it is... and dont beat around the bush.."

so all turbine fliers are as rude and self important as you. I dont think so. YES YOU AND PETER ROB PROVE MY POINT 2 OF THE MOST EXPERIENCED TURBINE FLYERS, ALL THEY DO IS PUT PEOPLE DOWN...

Have fun


Matt Jenner
01-01-2009, 01:57 PM

cos i dont care anymore, if this is how a forum is run, allowing absolute dicks to slag off my friends and put them down, when they have spent time and effort in helping us newbies, listening to our comments and helping us understand, our wren turbines without being condescending...

i would never fly JETCAT AGAIN cos of the 2 peters, you are the worse ambassodrs a manufacturer could have

01-01-2009, 02:24 PM
Matt, if you are unaware, the original poster can close his own thread. And no user controls the moderators here, well, maybe Will :thumbup:

01-01-2009, 02:43 PM
I am getting very tired of all the drama in this forum. To top it off the I can fly better than you stuff is very juvenile at best.

Peter is the most visible scale guy in this country and he always puts on a VERY good show. I have seen him fly at roughly 30 events. Most people I know have no idea what brands he flys and don't care either.

If you guys can't get along, the Turbine forum is going to go bye bye. Like I tell my 8YO son, sometimes you have to ignore people and keep YOUR OWN behavior in check. You cannot control what people say but you can control what YOU say. Blaming this site for supporting the most visible scale guy in the US, is not OK. We exist to promote helicopters and the hobby. You guys are worse than the most juvenile members we have and a lot of people are getting tired of it. The only persons ass I kiss is Robin James, my wife and "The real boss of HeliFreak" thank you.

We are all adults in this forum, although some of us need to keep our emotions in check better I think. When it starts wasting our time, like it is, then we can and will make the necessary changes. I find it amazing how much you guys fight and fuss and rationalize and blame everyone else before looking within. These are TOYS!!! Peter and anyone else can spend as much money on this hobby as they want. People can choose whatever brands they want that is OK, so GET OVER IT PLEASE.

01-01-2009, 02:55 PM
I find it amazing that time and time again, it's the same people getting their panties (knickers) in a wad over something posted here.

A lot of us have figured out that if we don't respond to something, it soon goes away or that stopping a thread as it gets out of hand, well, stops the thread. Some of us just seem compelled to start a new thread to comment about the old thread and keep the BS flying. I wonder why that is.. Some primal need to have the last word? Ego?

This reminds me of a soccer (football) match where the idiots in the stands riot for no apparent reason.

So Peter poked some fun; big deal. Some took offense, some didn't. Peter got in a last word and closed the thread. Fine, game over, move on. But no, someone has to start it all over again with a new thread (and this isn't the 1st time it's happened!) and then point the finger at others for stirring the pot. I believe the term to desribe that is called hypocracy.

Let it go, move on. This is about turbine helicopters, not personalities, not egos, not people "with more money than sense". Everyone's got an opinion, it's your choice to agree with that opinion or not. Feel free to disagree, but do so in a civil manner or just ignore it. We're getting tired of the complaints.

Now, just so there's no confusion *I* am closing this one and I would really rather not see another one started to continue the BS, ok?