View Full Version : L700 owners with VBAR

01-29-2009, 01:52 AM
Hi, just wondering who is running VBAR on there Logo 700's? I am thinking of converting mine.
Is there any issues with 700 size and the mikado flybarless head etc.
I read a lot of people comment on the ticktocks saying tail gets slight shudder on L500/600.

01-29-2009, 03:26 AM
My friend runs it without issue.

As for tail, try my "no tail torque compensation" setting, most likely give you a tail that stays put very nicely.

As for VBar generally on .90 sized I can say that its nice, you benefit greatly of it since it takes quite alot of power swinging the flybar & turning it.

Fredrik R
01-29-2009, 03:52 AM
I run Vbar on my L700 and L600 without any issue.

Have "no tail torque compensation" settings in both birds.

See attached files.

Also have a look @ videos here
http://heli.dacsa.net/fredrikr/L700.wmv (http://heli.dacsa.net/fredrikr/L700.wmv)First flight 168mb HD
http://heli.dacsa.net/fredrikr/L700_2.wmv (http://heli.dacsa.net/fredrikr/L700_2.wmv)Second flight 228mb HD

01-29-2009, 03:53 AM
thanks, I look forward to extra 30 seconds flight and better performance.