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01-31-2009, 09:21 AM
TREX is in excellent condition
Swash replaced with BEAM
Feathering Shaft x4
Main Shaft x 6
Metal Tail Boom Brace x 1set
Metal Tail Holder HS1257-84 x1
ALIGN CCPM Metal Swashplate HS1111-84 (1 used but good)
Align Flybar Rod 220mm HS1184 x 3
Align Skid Pipe x1 pair
K&B 59.6mm Black Tail Rotor Blades for 450 x 2 set Black
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear (Dark Blue) [HS1220-84] x2
3K Carbon Fiber Tail Boom [HZ018] x1
Align Landing Skid black used x1
Align Main Gear Blue x4
Allot of link rods
Beam Tail Control Rod Set x 2
Part of the tail upgraded to
MicroHeli Aluminum Bell Crank (SILVER)- T-REX 450 V2
MicroHeli Precision CNC Tail Pitch Slider SE - T-REX 450 V2 [MH-TX4193V2]
MicroHeli Front Shaft, Gear and Pulley Set SE - [MH-TX4018GSE]
Dampers by Trueblood 4 and one on the chooper
All bearings upgraded to ABEC 3
Extra full set of bearings ABEC 3
Gorilla Gear Programmable Paddles - One set on the Heli yellow
and 2 more spare in black
Gorilla Gear Landing Skids - Yellow on heli
Mavrikk Drive Belt 397T - one on the heli and 2 spares
Blades are Radix 325 they both have a small chip on the end (i shaved the ground)
but fly great
All screws upgraded to RC Screws and plenty of spares
Original TREX v2 Small Aluminum box
Alot of tools
Align Blade Balancer - K10289A x1
Swash Balance tool x1
I am missing some thing but small.
o the tail has the wieght mod alos the jig is in there to do more tails
Attached is a small picture if you want send me your email address and i can send allot of pictures.

$300shipped to lower 48. PayPal only

01-31-2009, 11:25 AM
Dose the heli come with the servos and gyro and rec at the bottom of the page you have listed? If so I can give you 300 and have it to you 2 day.

01-31-2009, 11:59 AM
No it does not included any electronics.
FYI you think if it had does electronics i would sell it for $300??
Just the Spartan gyro goes for 210.00

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01-31-2009, 12:24 PM

Just the Heli with Canopy and Small Trex Case $220 Shipped

All the parts $80 Shipped

01-31-2009, 09:00 PM

Thank You