View Full Version : Hornet II Drifting just before hover

06-14-2004, 09:49 PM
Hello Everyone,

I'm just starting out so please be patient with me.

I received the Hornet II as a gift and I've just
finished it. (except for painting)

List of comp:

Futaba 9C
Hornet II
401 Gyro
HT 55 and 50 Servos
1200ma lipo
Training Gear

I've got everything balanced and it spools up just
fine. (only a very very small vibration)

I also (fingers crossed) got the tail setup good
as I seem to have very good control with no drift.

I'm not sure of my head speed yet but it's set to

My problem is this... As I spool up and get it to
just be light on the gear it wants to slide to the left.
If I add right to compensate I can get it to stop but
then if I continue to increase pitch it wants to tilt to
the right very quickly (the training gear balls will
lift off on the left side but the ones on the right
want to stay down like I've got too much right

Is this normal? If everything is set up correctly
should it lift to a hover without a big drift?

I know that you need to control it but how much
is too much?

It seems strange to me to have to give right input
just before liftoff and then quickly give left to get it
to hover.

Any and all help is appreciated.



06-27-2004, 01:24 AM
The drift you refer to is called translating tendency and is perfectly normal. If you notice, all r/c helis hover just slightly right skid low. Your tailrotor, while providing yaw stability and control also has the effect of thrusting your heli to the left. Therefor it is necessary for it to be compensated for with right cyclic, resulting in a right skid low hover. Just prior to you picking the heli up to a hover, it is perfectly level on the ground which provides no compensation for this effect. As it breaks ground, you must compensate with an immediate right cyclic input and a correcting half again back the other way. Not a problem, just a normal heli thing.