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04-13-2009, 04:09 AM
Just purchased the above servo for my 250 does anyone know what setting to use in the spartan so i can program the servo.


04-20-2009, 08:53 AM
anyone ??

04-20-2009, 07:35 PM
Settings for 290g
JR DS290G http://www.spartan-rc.com/resources/servodb/servo_micro.gif http://www.spartan-rc.com/resources/servodb/star1.gifhttp://www.spartan-rc.com/resources/servodb/star1.gifhttp://www.spartan-rc.com/resources/servodb/star1.gifhttp://www.spartan-rc.com/resources/servodb/star1.gif 0.08 / 0.07 http://www.spartan-rc.com/resources/servodb/bluepixel.gif0.94 / 1.15 http://www.spartan-rc.com/resources/servodb/bluepixel.gif 1520 / 333 Heli tail/ can run @ 6v

Not exactly sure about the 380g, but read it was the same servo as the 290g, just the version that is sold in the UK. So I would go with the 290g settings. Not sure if that model can be run @ 6v, though the 290g is capable of running @ 6v, I might stick with 4.8v to be on the safe side or run @ 6v at your own risk.

Here is some info on voltage settings per hobbyplastic.co.uk website.

Voltage - The vast majority of specifications shown are at 4.8V. A second set of figures in brackets shows the ratings at 6V. You will notice that most JR servos are not specified for use at 6V. Whilst most JR servos will run on 6V, this will result in a shortened service life and may cause premature failure. For this reason our warranty only covers servos run on 4.8V (unless shown with a 6V rating).