View Full Version : The CnC Weight issue!

05-15-2009, 03:11 AM
The CnC weight issue keeps on cropping up!!!

So that we can compare, does anyone know the exact weight of a Cx2 and the Cx3 with the standard Battery on, straight out of the box? And what is the flight time?

My Cx2 has everything CnC (inc Carbon frame & G110 Gyro) it also has the Extreme Blades (which gives the Heli alot more lift so the motors don't work as much as standard) the Battery Tray is standard (plastic)
Its got the Extreme 180 stock Bearing Motors and an Extreme 850mAh - 20c Battery.

It weighs in at 9.5oz or 260g Take-off Weight...
Im getting around 10-12mins Flight time... This I think this is more than needed, because I like to let the Motors Cool to normal before the next flight...

I personally think the little extra weight is worth it because its far more stable and looks 100 times better... And thats what its all about isn't it?

05-15-2009, 08:16 AM
I think if your flying all the CNC stuff with the stock battery and stock motors you are going to have troubles but since your flying 180 stock Bearing Motors and an Extreme 850mAh - 20c Battery you probably got nothing to worry about. I really like the CNC stuff. It does make it look cool! Who cares what other people think about CNC stuff. All that matters is if your happy with it. I really want to upgrade my motors and battery!!! :thumbup: