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06-20-2009, 11:04 PM
I actually installed my CPII about a month ago and had the first 4 Forward-Flights of my career on a Trex450. It was amazing!

Then mechanical failure and boom! (belt broke).

This afternoon was the first chance I had to head back out with the CPII installed.
Perfect Sat. It had been raining so no one was around and I had a whole park to myself.

MY HANDS WERE SHAKING... but I tested it slightly by pitching side to side and centering the stick and everyting looked good.

I grabbed 6 batteries on my way out the door and I wish I had more.
I WAS A HELI GOD! I was doing figure 8s, multiple tight circles,

At first I would always end up too high so I got the courage to fly lower. Then I realized how ugly my turns were. Mostly they looked like all rudder. I got better.

By the last battery, I had turned my Stick Priority up to 70% (I think that means i had more control) , I was making low (alt 30') turns that didn't look all that bad AND my hands stopped shaking.

Six batteries (now a total of 10)!!! This is a LOT more fun then the 6 months I spend hovering.

I really had one of the best afternoons of the year!!!
I plan to reduce the gain and up the stick priority until I leave CPII off and use it just for emergencies.

THANK YOU Howard, Cindy, everyone else over there.
This does not re-invent flying or make it that much different and maybe I just needed the mental confidence but your product got me really flying today.

My 13 batts are all charged (FMA10s, 2 batts at a time) and I plan to fly every day.
When I feel good about it, I'm going to break out the 500 and just go at it.

Thanks again... Good Prod in my opinion.


06-21-2009, 03:21 AM
Good stuff Geo. Its amazing how a bit of added stability can give you more confidence. I am hoping for the same story except for my inverted.