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06-21-2009, 07:29 PM
I just got back from my vacation in Florida and it was awesome. When I first got down there there was a surprise waiting for me, a 4G3! That heli is pretty cool! I ended up getting the plastic head 4g3 for $200 from chinesejade, but it came with the metal head and main brushless motor. At first it was pretty tough to control but I got used to it and eventually started to fly around the house with me walking behind it. I haven't gotten good at nose in yet so I couldn't just sit down and fly it lol. I took some videos of me hovering, one of them is pasted on the bottom of this post. there are like 6 videos or so, you just got click my name to see them. I totalled 48 flights in 10 days with my 4G3.

I did run into a problem though. It flew good stock and the tail was holding, but as soon as I put in the metal head and the brushless the tail wouldn't hold. I adjusted the dip switches the best I could and it seems that the tail is holding but not very good. Could some one send me their set up the have on the tx, I have the 2601?

I now want a brushless tail for better tail control. Chinesejade has one for $35 and it looks pretty official. I think I may get that one. What do you think?

This is my 4th flight
YouTube - Walkera 4G3 hovering

This is my 17th flight, big difference between the 2
YouTube - Walkera 4G3 17th hover