View Full Version : 290mm Night Blades.... help!

06-29-2009, 01:05 PM
Guyz/galz, I crashed my night Falcon 3D last month after a cyclic servo locked up on me... rolled sideways right into the ground, dangit. :mad:

And there went my LED main blades, shattered! :arggg:

Now though, looking around at all the sites I know of that sold these 290mm Tri-Light night blades (xheli, ka-planes, helidirect, etc.), nobody seems to have them in stock! Eeek!

Anybody know a source for 290mm LED night blades? No I don't like to make them myself with wires and batteries and stuff hung on the outside of the blade!!! I much MUCH prefer blades with the LEDs and wiring and all built into the blade.

If you come across some in-stock somewhere please do give me a shout! I need a pair to get my Falcon back up into the night sky again!!! Thanks!

- Michael