View Full Version : Pyro 30-14 comming soon?

07-03-2009, 07:05 AM
I'm waiting for the Pyro 30-14 motor to go on sale. That should give me much better options for my Maxi Joker3.

I ran a few scenarios using MrMel's calculator (http://heli.dacsa.net/calculatorv2/Default.aspx) and the 30-14 motor.

I currently run 11s packs (6s + 5s). Keeping that and my current 12.5:1 (13 tooth motor pinion) ratio, I can up my throttle curve to 90% and get a nice head speed. History has shown with the Pyro 30-12 the actual KV is much higher than listed. Assuming that holds true with the 30-14, I am guessing the 30-14 will actually come in about 485 Kv. That makes things even better as I can run my throttle curve about 85 where I like it.

Not real happy about the prospect of dropping $400 on a new motor but nobody said this is a cheap hobby.