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08-28-2009, 07:46 PM
Intro -

Hello, all! I've had my CX2 for about three weeks now - long enough to swap to Xtreme blades and Helitek plastic Lama-style grips, Boomtown skids, Xtreme aluminum top hub and add the fuses to the motors. Still waiting for more batteries from Hong Kong (friend made a batch order).

Only thing that I've really broken so far was the original top hub (broken blade pivot pin - could be fixed), and the body is getting pretty ragged. I am positive that this is not polycarbonate in Eflite's body - polycarb is much tougher than this stuff. Anyway, I just received a Dynam VortexII body from BP Hobbies, so I'll probably try it next. Although I really like the looks of the Blade, the price for that body is a bit too dear for me (I know, I'll spend much more on this hobby). I tried a Boomtown rev 3 boom and did not like how it handled with it on.

I mainly fly outdoors on very calm evenings. Even with no wind, we seem to have a downhill draft (and nothing is flat where I live) that I constantly have to fight. I am getting better with the bird, not good but better. Very few crashes, just a lot of awkward unplanned landings. I have yet to find a sweet spot for a good hover, and seem to constantly have to adjust power. I may open the trans, tighten the throttle friction (again) to hold it where I set it when I use rudder, and see if there is a problem inside. It even does this with the simulator.

Ok, discussion -

I have not experienced this, but was intrigued by reports from others of "glitches". I have two possible causes for the forum to consider:

1. Real choppers develop sometimes lethal voltage potentials due to the friction of the blades in the air. I was once taken off of a submarine by a 'copter, and I was cautioned to let the cable from the 'copter ground to the ship before touching it. Our little helis could be experiencing static charging and rapid discharge that would upset the control electronics. High Voltage does what it wants to do - take that to the bank.

2. The CX2 and 3 are both 2.6 GHz, which is becoming a very crowded frequency with portable phones, remote TV transmitters, WIFI, and various other home and commercial uses. I know that I had to change all of the 2.6 GHz portable phones out at home for my WIFI to be dependable, and at church we use a 2.6 GHz system to transmit video to the projectors from the mixer. It sometimes gets disrupted - particularly when anyone fires up a laptop with WIFI enabled.

I like the tone of your forum. Hope it stays civil, and I suspect that it will. The only other type forums that I frequent are Goldwing motorcycle forums, and they can at times get a little rough on folks. I will be watching all of the forums that I can for a while to learn about this hobby. I don't really have plans to go FP or CP with the possible exception of an MSR some day. I have an eBay used MCX due in the mail on Monday (after USPS routed it from Pennsylvania to Atlanta in route to Knoxville). That will be nice for indoor play.

08-28-2009, 07:58 PM
Welcome!...I'm new here too, but it's been super friendly so far.