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08-07-2006, 10:40 AM
I think I have SuperBlade. I never knew how durable these little helis could be. I picked up a Blade CP Pro last Friday for something to play around with and try new things on. So far I have about 20 flights with 5 wrecks, all on concrete. I am not the best pilot but I can hover quite well and do a little FF. I bought the blade to start breaking me into FFF and 3d. The amazing part is how few parts have broke so far. Here is a list of the crashes and what broke.

1st crash: Lost control about 10 feet up with nose pointed towards me. I panicked and crashed into a large ceramic flower pot. Damage: Ripped off blade covering on the tip of one blade and slightly splintered the end of it. Picked the heli up and flew it immediately after straightening the blades. No vibration... very impressed.

2nd crash: About 10 mins after the first one... I lost control in a similar situation to the first crash. This time it crashed on the concrete. Blades looked about the same (they were already messed up from the first crash). I broke the reataining pin in the head.... thats it.

3rd crash: After replacing the retaining pin I put some tape over the end of the blade to hold the blade covering down so it wasnt flapping anymore. I then balanced the blades and took the heli back outside. Hovered perfect, still no vibration. Flew a couple battery packs... I was flying in about 10 mile an hour winds so it was a real handful. I eventually lost control and wrecked on the concrete.... again. This time one of the rotor blades broke in half and I was done for the day..... or was i :D

4th crash: I went home and still wanted to fly. I felt like I was coming along very well with my SuperBlade. The hobby store was closed so I took a pair of blades for my Rex and cut them with a hack saw to approx the same lenght as the staock blades. I used a grinder to match the edges/lengths on the blades. I then bolted them into the blade holders. The roots are much smaller and I couldn't find enough matching washers so I just tightened the plastic blade grips until they held the blades. I took it outside and it hoevered like a dream. I couldn't beleive how smooth it was. I felt like I had much more control than earlier. I flew a couple batteries through it before crashing once again on the concrete. This time nothing broke. I picked it up and flew it again until my batteries were dead, then went home happy that I could fly again later/tomorrow.

5th crash: I was getting pretty brave. This bird still flew vibration free after so many crashes (on concrete!!!!) without breaking/bending anything expensive. I decided to try my first flip (over grass this time). I went into idle one, took it up to about 10 feet and flipped it..... well... halfway... it got upside down then rammed itself into the ground. I guess I wasn't ready to flip yet :D The ski popped off one side, the feathering shaft was extremely bent and the flybar was bent pretty bad as well. There were a few problems which caused my crash. 1. The Idle up pot on the top of my radio was turned all the way down. :arggg: 2. I don't think those Rex blades are good for flipping. I don't remember the exact numbers but they are definately heavier than the stock baldes. 3. I am not good enough to flip yet :D

I just wanted to share my experience so far with the rest of you. I really like this little heli. Yes, its a handfull, yes you are constantly chasing the tail... but it holds up like my Rex never did :D I undertand its a mixture of the light weight and low rotor speed vs the Rex's weight/rotorspeed... whatever it is that makes my CP Pro super, I love it. I flew my rex in-between some flights and it felt like I had so much more control over it with my Blade practice. I'm glad I finally joined the blade community.

08-07-2006, 10:28 PM
Sounds fantastic. Only have the meager BCP but I have done some pretty major stuff to it without much damage. I do have better (MX400) skids on it, BH head and DD tail so it's not exactly stock.

One question I can't resist. When you chopped the rex blades you apparently had to cut out the weight. Which blades did you cut? If they happened to be the fiberglass ones, you may have found a use for something that's worthless on the rex.

08-08-2006, 08:37 AM
I should have cut the fiberglass ones.... I hate those blades, they have too much flex to them. I boom-striked twice with mine :arggg: I was going to cut them but they look like a large part of them is hollow under the shiny sticker on them. The set I cut is the 315 wood blades that came with my CDE Rex. I've already plowed those in the concrete 2 times now and the grass once, but they are still holding up. I have a set of 325 Pros to cut down next time I crash the set on there now. I put a heading lock gyro on it last night and it handles like a dream. Night and day difference after I installed it.

09-01-2006, 11:59 PM
Hovers nice. Havent tried any FF yet.

09-02-2006, 10:39 PM
I read a post last night that said they were cutting the fibre blades just before the hollow section and they worked great on the blade. I figure it's worth a shot since they're worthless for the rex.