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09-21-2009, 08:37 AM
We hijacked a video thread with a conversation about removing the built in rudder elevator mixing.
I'm now trying to give his thread back and move the discussion over here.

09-21-2009, 08:41 AM
These are the quotes from the other thread:

thanks, yes i mixed rudd with elev i think it was 45 - 60 cant remember, but it feels better with the mixing. If you want the exact setting let me know and ill let you know.

Please, tell me more about the rudder to elevator mix. What does it do, and what values do you put in?

When you input rudder the mSR automatically inputs elevator, so i am using mix 1, mixing RUDD - ELEV with RATE D +45% and U +60%. Try it i found these settings make the msr fly a bit more like a conventional heli as apposed to a coax. I also set EXPO at -30 for A/E/R any more expo on the rudder causes blow outs in performance mode. I was originally running -50 for A/E/R but when i flick to performance it was like my mSR was on crack, very touchy.

I'll give those settings a try. I already had -15 for A/E and - 80 of rudder. I needed to turn down the rudder, it wanted to spin out on my left hand turns.
I have a DX7, and the mix settings must be different. I didn't have an up or down, but there are two numbers that I can set after choosing what to mix, so I input your suggestions there. Now I just need to get outside and try it out.

After -50 expo for Rudder i dont think the piro rate actually increases. give it a try and let me know.

On my DX7, I am using a -40, -35. I tried the 45 - 60 you show above in both directions and I had a lot more movement of elev when rudd was input. I am very new to mixing so I don't really know what I am talking about here, but just trying to get rid of elev with rudd input. Those are great piros!

I am also new to mixing never really used it before, but i found these settings on another forum when i was surfing the net for info on the mSR. Maybe someone will chime in that has mixing done for the mSR on a DX7. Sorry mate.

Do you guys know which direction we are trying to offset?
On the radio, if you look at the stick position sensor screen, you can see what impact the mix has on the elevator.
On the DX7, first rate at +35 and second rate at -35 will input up elevator when the rudder is moved either direction. Setting them to both negative, will put down elevator for left rudder and up elevator for right rudder.
Seems like we would want the same elevator movement for both left and right rudder movement, but I don't know exactly what we are trying to offset from the msr mix it is already doing.
For now, I put some + and - 35, which will give up elevator, which should pitch the nose down in a turn. Not sure is that is a good thing or not, but will need to try.

OK, I answered part of my own question by getting the helicopter out and watching the servo movement with the rudder.
A setting of - 40 (dx7) on both rates removed any servo movement with the rudder.
I only flew a bit indoors, and to be honest, didn't see much difference in the way the msr handled. Need some outdoor time to see how it does.

09-21-2009, 09:47 AM
This is what i have IN MIX1 D+44 and U+57,it seems to work ok for me hope this helps.

09-25-2009, 06:53 AM
I've been using the -40 settings in the rudder to elev mix for a few days now. I set it up for flight mode 1, so I can easily check the difference.
While I can't say the difference is huge, I do feel that it is easier to make a left hand turn now. Not sure exactly why, but it just seems smoother with the mix. Other than that, I don't see any appreciable difference.

This is on a DX7 and I am using the performance links

By the way, I have mine set up in heli mode, which I think is why some of us have different mix options.

The dual rates at -15 to -20 on aileron and elevator help a bunch, as well as -30 on rudder make to most difference for me.