View Full Version : how to tell if 4 in 1 is bad?

01-13-2010, 11:57 PM
Hi all,

Is there a way to tell if a 4 in 1 is bad? My Dauphin will not completely stop spinning CCW. I have adjusted both gain and prop without success. It comes very close but never stops. It's a 2.4G system with Extreme blades, CNC swash, CNC lower hub and the Esky inner shaft with the purple top and stock blade holders.



01-14-2010, 01:03 AM
Usually if a 4in1 goes bad it will either have no power at all to a motor or 100% power instantly when the battery is plugged in.

More than likely your issue is a motor that's worn out.

01-18-2010, 11:05 PM
+1 If you can fly it at all, it's doubtful that the 4 in 1 is bad.

The PROP adjustment is the one that matches the motor rpms to each other. It takes very little movement of the adjustment to correct the rotation.

In a hover, if the nose of the heli is rotating in one direction, adjust the PROP, and take it back into a hover. (Be sure to unplug the batt when making the adjustment)

If the nose of the heli is still rotating in the same direction, you need to move the PROP a little more. If the rotation of the nose is in the same direction, but the speed of the rotation has increased, you need to move the PROP adjustment in the opposite direction.

Don't forget to unplug the battery each time you make an adjustment to the 4 in 1. The 4 in 1 has to be restarted for it to see the adjustment you just made.