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02-06-2010, 04:45 PM
Well we been very busy with getting products ready to present to market. Many good things are coming.

We are in the process of changing the forums at Audacity.com to become more friendly to all who visit.

We will focus on tech. support for our products along with pro tips,setup help,special offers and more.

You will be able to pull on the expertise of John Beach and many others. We feel this is a move in the right direction as it will help localize the company's support.

Along with this we can offer up the possibility's for FAQ's, wiki and or blogs. This was the intention of Panteraheli.com. We will be redirecting panteraheli.com in the near future to point to Audacity.com.

We want to thank you for the Awesome support you continue to give us in buying our product. We also would like to remind you that were always open to hear your idea's of any kind to help us improve the Pantera or our services to you.

This can be done by dropping a email to us at info@genesishobby.com .

Ken Bailey Field Rep. for Audacity Models, www.audacitymodels.com

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Geez I feel so informed [virtual caps] *I'm pulling my hair out over here* [/virtual caps]