View Full Version : CPP2 tail / gyro settings

02-21-2010, 11:53 AM
Yesterday I had my CPP2 out and was practicing using the different flight modes on the stock Tx and the tail was all over the place when I changed between flight modes. I think my real issues are with the gyro. To setup the the gyro correctly, is it done by adjusting the gain on the gyro and pot on the 2-in-1 in conjunction with each other? This CPP2 is a love/hate relationship. If I could only get the tail setup correctly I might enjoy this little heli even more. I'm trying to do some loops and inverted practice with this thing using the different flight modes but the tail was giving me nothing but problems. Any suggestions on setting up the tail correctly? Different gyro? Any help would be great.....thanks!

02-26-2010, 05:28 PM
When you buy the CPP2 does receiver and gyro already hook up RTF? What Gyro do you use? Do you use the external 110HL gyro? What receiver do you use? Make sure the remote gain wire is connected to the Channel 5 or Gear channel. Then on the DX7 just set the Gyro Sensing to Auto with the Gear channel. Set the play with the Gryo setting in the transmitter. Starting with 50% and up. The tail blade should not spin before the main blade start lifting off. :clappp