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Joe Ortiz
10-08-2006, 08:02 PM
Hi all, I have been a long time visitor to this site but never really posted anything, until now. My Raptor 30 was stolen from a breaking from my local hobby shop where it was on consignment, I am posting my "Stolen Flyer" and the email from the hobby shop owner in case somebody see's my heli or the items taken.


Joe Ortiz

Hi All,
Sorry to say, Air Scharnell was broken into tonight between 6:30pm and 9:30pm. Listed below is what was stolen, over $3000 of product. Please send to your clubs and flying friends and watch for these products to come to the fields. If you see anyone with them, please take down a description and if you can get a name would be great, actually any information would be great if you or someone you know has any info. the douglas County Sherriff's department took the report, you can either call them at 303-660-7548. or contact us with the info at 303-617-9777 or AirScharnell1@cs.com.

If you see a consignment you consigned in this list, have no fear, we will pay you for your item as soon as we receive the insurance monies from our insurance company.

Items stolen:
Global Decathalon Arf Airplane (yellow and black)
Tower Trainer .40 fuselage with 40LA (blue) engine and Sky Sport Radio Channel 22
Solo Sport Trainer arf (Hanger 9)
Solo Star Trainer arf (Hanger 9)
Cedar Hobbies Stick Arf (red)
Fan Tail Flyer EP RTF
Zero EP RTF with charger
Rapter Helicopter with OS.37 engine, Hitec 605 servos with throttle hitec 325 servo and CSM gyro, Heli is green and white
Eflite Miglet (red)
Command Force Chopper Patrol (2) both black
Laser 4 Hitec Transmitter Channel 26
Hitec Flash 5 Hitec Transmitter Channel 58

These are all the products we have noticed so far that have been stolen, I am hoping we do not find anything else missing. Please contact all your clubs of this list and ask them to send out emails to watch at the fields for these items, we'd like to catch these guys.

Thank you for your help and time!