View Full Version : Pyro 700-52 and CC110hv?

04-15-2010, 04:41 AM
Just got a Pyro 700-52 for a soon to be delivered TDR. I am running it in one of my KDE 700e conversions for testing with the CC110hv.

Does anyone have any input as to the settings they are using on the CC110 and this motor?

I have timing at low(5) and switching freq at 8khz. Spooling up nicely but no flight time until this Weekend. Don't have an elogger so won't be able to graph it. Most will use the Jive with this combo, but I have been running the CC's on all my birds for over a year and the gov on this ESC works a treat!

I also prefer to run a separate BEC for electronics. CC is supposed to be coming out with another HV light ESC soon in the 100 to 120 range which is what I am really thinking about getting. What with the built in graphing and all.