View Full Version : CYPHER HEAD SET UP~LINKAGE meassurements

05-08-2010, 11:09 AM
When setting up your head adjust the links as needed so that:

-Servo arms are horizontal
-Swash plate is level
-Washout mixer arms are level
-Fly bar arms are level
-Main blades have zero degrees pitch

This should be done when both sticks are centered on your radio and with your pitch curve setup for zero degrees at mid stick.

The above will give you push rod lengths of:

-Blade grips to fly bar mixing arms = 18mm
-Fly bar mixing arms to swash plate = 40mm
-Fly bar arms to washout mixer arms = 24mm
-Swash plate to front-left and front-right servo arms = 33mm
-Swash plate to rear servo arm = 29mm

There is a photo of the Cypher's head at zero degrees on page 3 of this PDF:

http://rcheliguy.com/global/airtroni...elicopters.pdf (http://rcheliguy.com/global/airtronics/RDS8000%20Guide%20-%20Helicopters.pdf)