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savage 40
06-04-2010, 08:49 AM
Tuesday I got to use my Trex500 to take some footage for a TV commercial for Amainhobbies. They are located here in town and we often fly together at our field. They are doing something with the local Boys and Girls clubs and wanted me to record some footage from my 500 of Kendall (CEO) tlaking to a few kids in front of an Amainhobbies EZ up tent... Due to a slight mix up in which I recieved word it was cancelled... I happened to be back at work when the call came that the Tv guys and everyone else were wondering where I was. So off I went like a bat outta hell to the golf course because I spent considable time the previous day making sure I had everything dialed in.. Afterall this is Amainhobbies!

Greggor Mcgrath was supposed to actually fly my bird while I watched my moniter and guided him in the direction to get the best footage...(since I'm used to this flying I could guide him better and not marvel over how he was flying) Well that wasn't the case as I pulled up and we packed my gear out to the course I asked Kendall where was Greggor? He said G couldn't make it so it was all up to me!.. YIKES!!! All of my FPV has been in remote fields with no trees or obstacles... so here I was on the edge of a Green under some trees, in a rush, not time to discuss anything at length, just set up my gear and get a quick run down on what the TV guy wanted as I plugged it all in... Saying No was not an option to me I had to just tune everything out and go for it... The least that could happen was my 500 would end up in a tree 80' up or crashed into a house in the Country Club...

Sounded simple enough right? EZ! He says " Just film the guys at the tent (20' away mind you) then just fly out to the water feature and back a few times" I grimminced and said OK! I only saw a few slight problems.. like an open area of only maybe 200'-300' wide to fly out and return in as the water feature was about 1000' feet out.. But big ol' Oak trees and 80' Redwood trees on either side...Oh and did I mention power lines? Or wind? Those were directly overhead and just at the edge of the water feature.. Talk about pressure! I had just about no help from any body there..LOL!! All I ever heard was that is so cool as they looked over my shoulder! This was actually the first time they seen me fly this way in person.. I Never even paid any attention to the video I was capturing.. my main concern was flying and not hurting anybody and getting back in one peice! So when I would call out how's that looking.. All I ever got was " That is so cool!"

Well I swung by there and got my tape after they sent a copy to the TV station...Took it home and reviewed it.... been mad ever since! My nasty vibration was back so the video came out a little shaky... What I should have done was rewound the tape right then ....... Or just let my nerves settle and scrutinized it then... I would have spotted the vibration then pulled out my Trex450 and re shot it for them... The Amain guys loved what they saw but I know I could have done much better ... I just missed out on some time to get set up in a more orderly fashion and make a few trial runs and got it dialed in... I will post up the raw footage in the near future...

Next time come hell or high water I'm gonna make trial runs prior to anything, I don't care who's waiting! All in all it was very exciting and rewarding for me!

06-04-2010, 09:20 AM
That stinks like a skunk.... I wonder if they would allow you to go back and take some footage of some of the areas of the golf course but this time with assistance. That way your reputation does go down the drain.

savage 40
06-04-2010, 09:43 AM
My rep isn't at stake...The main footage they wanted was Kendall talking to the kids infront of the tent.. So going back now would not work... The Tricopter would have been ideal fir this... I did over something about another commercial of some sort using FPV... I'll be sure and get it right! They're a great bunch of guys

06-04-2010, 07:04 PM
If the vibes weren't to bad the TV guys should be able to fix it and still use it. I've seen some really bad vibration in a few videos I did and the studio guys could fix it....just not waves or ripples..those are much harder to fix....I know the feeling...all eye's on you....:)

06-04-2010, 07:07 PM
The Tricopter would have been ideal fir this... Yes it's good for hovering and slow flights...and they can crash...replace a prop and up and away again....just need an aluminum frame....like a 6061 ;)

savage 40
06-04-2010, 07:24 PM
No ripples or waves... Just a small annoying shake