View Full Version : Align 450 Pro - What Scorpion motor?

06-23-2010, 11:13 AM
I'd like to get a pretty mad 450 on the go. I have a 450 Pro with the old SP motor but I want to replace that with a Scorpion motor. What is the best choice?

-6 or -8?

I've heard the -6 is insane.

I'm learning 3D so want something that will be suitable later when I improve.

Also, what would the best pinions and ESC choices be?

I'm thinking 12t for the -8 and 11t for the -6 and a CC50 but not quite sure which model I am looking for. I've found one called Castle Phoenix 50 but do you need an external BEC or is the internal one good enoug?

Is 4S worth considering?

A quick vid of where I am at flying wise:


Thanks all,


06-23-2010, 06:19 PM
If you want to stick with 3S then I would say go for the Scorp-6 with 12 tooth pinion governed in "set rpm" mode on your ESC. 4400kV 525 Watts.

If you want the flexability of 3S or 4S then go with the Scorp-8, 13 tooth on 3S and 11 tooth on 4S governed in "set rpm" mode on your ESC. 3595kV and 475 Watts.

if you want 4S only then the Scorp-10 is probably the motor for you (not sure how you need to gear it). 3000kV 550 Watts.

See Scorpion comparison page below

I can only really speak for the Scorp-8 and love it on 4S - more power than I will ever need. Just make sure you put in ceramic bearings .


06-24-2010, 06:49 AM
Thanks Aussie. You sure seem to know your stuff when it comes to Scorp. I'll give the -8 a go on 3S and see how she fares.