View Full Version : Thunder AC6 charger for sale - 30$

06-29-2010, 06:17 AM
This was my first charger, and I have now upgraded to a venom pro charger.

Some of you may have read the a lot about this charger in the main forum. I am just too nervous with it, I dont know why. I decided I don't trust it.

So its now up for grabs - if you want it, let me know by PM. It is only 30 bucks plus shipping (got it for 55). Note that the adapter plug is not with it - that got damaged for what every reason - burned through.

For my 6s packs that balancing function is not very good. But it does work for 3s packs, or if you are using an external balancer. Also good for replacement parts, if you are one of those freaks that goes about taking things apart and DIYs them.

PLEASE BE CLEAR THOUGH: this item may be damaged internally - I opened it up but could see nothing. If you get this, you should be aware of risks. It told me it had put 3300 in a 6s under balance mode, but it usually only puts 2400. There are still half the people eon this forum that think that is not due to the charger but the pack. I find it fair to let you know though anyway.

See here for more detail:

Here is a pic also,


06-30-2010, 05:08 AM
Item temporarily put on hold.

This thing is just too broken (in my opinion). I will get Xheli to replace it.