View Full Version : Heli Command Rigid and Trex 700e helicam working perfect,also the build in TailGyro !

08-03-2010, 07:28 AM
Heli Command Rigid and Trex 700e helicam working perfect,also the build in TailGyro !!

Joachim from Captron / helicommand just helped me setting up the rigid system for my AP trex 700e (he was at the 3D masters in Venlo ) . And guess what ,It works like a dream now. The horizon stabilisation is very smooth and the camera stays stable even in windy conditions.

After reading all the negative stories on the internet I wanted to skip the build in Tail Gyro and use my Spartan.Joachim insisted to try the build in one. He told me the Rigid tail Gyro is updated now ( firmware ) and if set up correctly, works even better for AP then a spartan ( smoother, not such a hard 3d stop ).I was still in doubt after all the negative postings and have to admit I never even tried it.

He told me ,I have to trim the tail so there is no more drift. What most people forget then,is to reset the neutral settings after trimming he said.After the flight, put the collective fully down and then hold the button on the hellicommand for a second till the light turns green. This tells the helicommand the new neutral trim settings. After that the tail was rock solid. I had no drift after 5 test flights and was happy. The Horizon stabilization we had to take down a lot. But after we did that, my Helicommand Rigid Trex 700 is a perfect camera ship. We filmed one day for the dutch national TV and used the helicam at the the 3D masters for that.

btw: The trex is flybarless and I fly in Rigid mode.

One more tip from Joachim: Set up your heli in fader mode. Then correct the rigid stabilisation with your fader till it flies perfect ( without horizon stabilization ) then switch to Rigid mode
and adjust the horizon stabilization.
BTW2: My tail sensitivity is at 75% ( JR DSX9 )

Tahoe Ed
08-19-2010, 05:03 PM
Marc I would appreciate your sharing your HC Rigid settings for your 700E. I know that every heli is different but I am curious how yours compares to mine, especially since Joachim was good enough to help you with your set up.