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08-17-2010, 09:20 AM
Hi Guys,

Let me start this by saying I am not a 3D guy, but have a fair bit of flybarless experience (with and w/o) FBL systems, most of it with the SK360. My flying style is airplane style aerbatics and high speed flight. I just flew my first flight on a Rave 3D which was previously equipped with a SK360. The Total-G was very easy to set up. The only real hang-up I had was that I missed where the instructions tell you to move the computer interface from the Flight Control port (FC) to the Gyro port to set up the tail gyro so I couldn't find the Gyro set up page last night. A fresh start this morning and it was easy to realize there are 2 ports for a reason.

When checking flight control gyro direction on the flight controls (tip the heli fwd and see which way the swash moves) it showed very little movement and made it a little tough to tell if I had the direction right. The SK360 shows you this in the computer interface, so it's easy to tell The good news is that it is sure a lot simpler heli without a receiver, FBL unit and tail gyro and I am looking forward to fine tuning it, especially for piros.

So only 1 flight so far including easy forward flight. Thus VERY limited experience with it, but it felt great - actually exactly like the SK360 which I was perfectly happy with in combination with the GY520.


08-17-2010, 01:33 PM
Thanks for the flight report..:thumbup: Now Im waiting for some Trex 600N users to report..:smokin: