View Full Version : my 500, 1 yr old, 1st crash

08-21-2010, 04:24 PM
well it took almost a yr but i had my 1st crash. i got the nose down to far going from inverted hovering into inverted foward,panicked and pulled instead of pushed. not to bad tho, main blades, main gear and the landing gear.wait till next week, i,ll get it right yet!

08-21-2010, 06:24 PM
Well done! I think I do worse than that in your average month of flying :lol:

Just check where your skids mount into your base plate. It's common for the skid bolts to tear their way out of the base plate, leaving it looking not too bad but actually unusable.

Also if you trashed blades and main gear, you almost certainly bent your main shaft. Whilst the wallet is open, buy a packet of shafts anyway - better to have them and not need them ...

Check your feather shaft before you order, I find it totally random with feather shafts surviving in about 2/3 of my crashes and bending in the other 1/3.

Worth checking these items rather than having to make multiple purchases.

Enjoy your flying!

08-21-2010, 06:31 PM
i have a bunch of shafts, flybars, et all. no, nothing is bent but yes the lower plate the gear mounts too is trash. i actually think i hit on the gear as that is where all the damage is. bent skids and cracked mounts