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12-13-2006, 07:22 PM
What are some suitable receivers that can be used in the blade if I was to go the separates route? Would some of the smaller GWS, Berg's be OK or something like the Hitec HFS05S?

12-13-2006, 10:23 PM
The Berg7 and the GWS6 are both small enough to be used, I am not sure about the hitec.

12-14-2006, 09:34 AM
Futaba R146iP PCM fits nicely. About the same size as an E-flite CP Pro rcvr. I use one right along side a 3in1 in place of the stock rcvr.

12-17-2006, 01:45 AM
The 146ip is about twice the size of the Berg 7 and easily twice the weight as well. Lighter is better on these little machines...

12-17-2006, 09:03 AM
I was thinking of something small and cheap as I don't want to put a $100.00 RX on a blade. I have a 146ip but it has a spot reservrd on the trex i am currently building.

12-17-2006, 09:05 AM
YOu can get Berg 7s for under $50 on eBay.

12-18-2006, 04:58 PM
I just paid $59 for a Berg 7 that I put in my Hyperion Mustang. I put a 6ch GWS on a little foamy bipe a couple months ago and it was about $40..

12-19-2006, 09:10 AM
Yeah, the 146 may be a bit of an overkill on a relatively stock Blade, ageed, but I am one of those that somehow have a Trex worth of loot tied up in mods and upgrades on a Blade so I went for the PCM insurance. Not any bigger than E-Flite rcvr but perhaps a tad heavier. The E-Flite rcvr just didn't get along with my brushless set-up irregardless of equipment placement or wire routing. The PCM chugs right through it with no problems.

12-19-2006, 04:57 PM
Interesting. My BL upgrade works just peachy with the stock Rx and my 9C telling it what to do... Which ESC did you end up with? I've got a T-bird 18 on mine..

12-19-2006, 07:04 PM
I use that cheap $25 GWS6 with no issues.....but I keep it as far away from the two esc's (brushless) as possible to eliminate glitches. You can go with something cheap and architect around the glitch issue or you can spend more for something that works out glitches itself. ferite rings on the esc signal wires are cheap and do the job. I simply put the RX in the back and esc's up front.....no glitches.

I also use a deans micro antenna with the GWS6...

12-20-2006, 12:00 AM
Whatever was going on that I was perceiving as a glitch is gone now anyway. When I installed the 146, I re-routed all the wiring (power one side, signals the other) using ferrite ring with E-Flite ESC under main gear and Deans straight out the back. All's well now but I changed so many things putting this rcvr on that it's hard to tell what may have been causing the problem. :dontknow

12-20-2006, 06:48 PM
You might still have issues, but as long as the PCM receiver is throwing out the bad signals you should be fine.