View Full Version : 140 CCPM kit modded

08-24-2010, 01:36 PM
Hey guys,

So I installed the 140 kit the other day, didn't change my bell cranks to swash link length and went flying, flew great and I liked the feel but I had to apply quite a bit of trim, which didn't make sense to me as I had set the new servo links paralel and same lenghts, servos perfectly 90...

What happened is the kit comes with long M3 bolts to attach the bellcranks to the frames with nylock nuts and I noticed they have some wobble, ie if I turned the bolt with a driver I noticed the head wobling and the ball link moving also, like when you turn a bolt of a bent spindle and the other end wobbles, throwing the links off. It got better tightening the bolt further but the the bearings got a bit notchy and the wobbling was not completely gone.

So I reused the CCPM shaft used for 120 system instead o the bolts and retightened the whole with corresponding washers and M1.5 bolts. The bell cranks now share the same shaft, do not wobble and bearings are free. The shaft does come pretty close to the main shaft but seems to clear it, after a few flights there is no mark on the main shaft.

I think this is a better solution to attach the aileron bell cranks, so I thought I would share for everyone thinking of 140 CCPM.

I know the outrage guys are around here a lot, so if I missed something that could be potentially bad in this setup, please correct me!