View Full Version : For Sale: Two Evo 50s Now Sold

01-25-2007, 10:34 PM
Helicopter One: Evo 50 upgrade
Evo 50 airframe with ex head yoke, infinivation dampers, ex washout guide, machined delrin main gear and tail drive gear, freya tail rotor, wider landing gear, carbon fin, carbon pushrod. The mainshaft, oneway bearing, freya tail grips, and main frame in the picture are included. Canopy is a little beat up but the helicopter is in good condition. No main or tail blades included(except blue freay tail blades) The quick uk swash is also included. Its seems a little tight.
$250 shipped

Helicopter Two: stock Evo 50 with carbon bottom plate, ex washout minus ex mixing arms. The canopy also looks rough on this machine. The tail fin is missing the top part of the fin and the lower boom support mounts are broken off. The upper boom support mounts are fine.
$200 shipped

Parts $40 shipped The quick uk swashplate goes with white evo.

I will take MO or Paypal + 3%. I will do a little better for people wanting all of it. I will consider trades for a raptor 50 v2, titan

Pictures of all of this can be seen in my gallery.


02-27-2007, 08:18 PM
PM sent.