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flying 442
01-30-2007, 10:26 AM
I went to my first fun fly with Trex450 in hand. Had a great time and also saw foamies for the first time. I liked the idea of just cutting new parts out of foam after a bad crash, so I thought I would give it a try.

I have never flown a plane before, so I hit the simm and gave it a try. I also liked the YAK Bi-plane I saw at the fun fly and picked that for my first plane. I found this plane to be a bit thin skin'ed after seeing the homemade jobs, but this one looked to fly better than those.

I took it out on the first calm day and took off from a frozen pond runway. Looked to need about 8 ft or less. I made a few mistakes, but none that required glue. To land I just brought it in slow over tall weeds and flared it into a stall.

I was able to fly about 3 days before I slipped on some snow and sent it full throttle into a group of trees, not much left. I bought another one, but this time I bought some spare foam. I traced all the parts, then started building my second Yak Bi-plane. While looking at the foam and waiting for the wind to go away I started thinking Tri-Plane (A Red Baron Fokker).

Ok, this is where I am really getting in over my head. The tri-plane is 75% built, but I am going to need a little info. Everything I bought for the Yak (batt, ESC, Servos) were listed on the side of the box. I will get you the info about foam used and some pic's so just maybe this thing will fly when I'm done. Thanks in advance, Jon

flying 442
01-30-2007, 02:21 PM
Ok, here it is. The wings look ok but I still need to paint the lower 1/2 of the body to give it the Fokker look. I have left it and the top of the wing white as this is where the iron cross goes and it's inside a white background so masking will be needed. You can see where I used the motor pod from my wrecked Yak to help make this tri-plane. Then we have the shot of the two side by side. Last will be what I hope the body looks like painted. From the middle wing down will be red and look like the thin Fokker body. Mid wing up will be left white to give it more area.

flying 442
01-30-2007, 02:49 PM
The Yak
Has a Park 370 outrunner 1080kv @ 1.6oz
Should work 7-14oz

Prop 10X3.8
ESC JR 10A brushless
11.1v 3cell 730 mAh LiPo
3 Hitec HS-56HB servos
Weight 11-12oz

The Fokker (So far)
Park 400 740kv @ 2oz
Should work 10-20oz

ESC JR 10A brushless
3 Bluebird BMS308BB servos
Weight ? Still adding

So should this set-up work being a knock off of the Yak setup?
Am I heading in the right direction here?

Will try to add more info when I get home from work (Fokkers prop, weight at this time, foam thickness of body and wings...)

01-30-2007, 03:09 PM
Looks good!

I'd say your only issues will be experimenting with the battery placement to get the CG you want. No reason at all that shouldn't fly.