View Full Version : SR Tx for other Blades????

02-10-2011, 08:22 PM
OK, Im new, thought heck its a 6 channel maybe itll be better... so far averything is good except for a severely lagging tail, can hardly get the MSR to trim, the 120 Tail trims OK, but with both the yaw or rudder is painfully slow in response, if ya throw thow control full tilt left or right it just does a lazy little spin, all other controls seem useable it would be great for my 9 yr old son inside if the tail would just respond.. heres the settings Im using now this seemed the best - HI rate - dip switches 3 5 and 7 UP channel 5 dial on about 70%. if you tale off with the ch5 dial on 0 and slowly turn it up, about 60% you can hear a definite throttle up, I went just a bit past that. Anyone got any views on this other than take the batteries out and toss it in the corner? They both fly fine bound to a DX5e.:confused: