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02-27-2011, 07:58 AM
Howdy All,
just thought I'd post on my recent upgrade to a flybarless setup of my MiniTitanE325 V1, modiified to basically a SE standard pre-upgrade.

Summary: Best thing I ever did. Flies absolutely rock solid, flawlesly balanced and incredibly easy to setup. Blades track perfectly - first time. Microbeast is a fantastic piece of kit - cannot recommend it highly enough.

Setup: HS-65MGs for cyclic, and Futaba S9257 for tail.

Flybarless Head: Outrage 450 Flybarless Head - change out of US$100 delivered.

Electrics: Microbeast from BeastX, running V2 software - around US$200 delivered from ebay!

Setup gouge: The head goes together as you would expect, with the following mods for a Minititan:
1. Anti-rotation bolt from the normal Minititan head fits in the Outrage one. Use the minititan one as the phase control track on the mini-titan is narrower than the outrage bolt.
2. Put the rest of the outrage head together as per normal.
3. The outrage head comes with larger ball/links for the cyclic servo connections. Unscrew the normal Minititan top link (the ones that connect to the head end), and screw the ones that come with the outrage head onto the rod - which is the correct size. Yo can leave the links attachhed to the servos.
4. Use a minititan main shaft (I use the hardened ones) - but you need to dremil off 2mm of the top to make it fit. 1 minute with a dremil and you are done.
5. Refit head as you would normally.
6. Microbeast goes on top shelf (where I normally hat putting a gyro) - but wait - no flybar to knock it off ;). It will fit under the boom, but it wil make it difficult to get to the settings. I may move mine back under the boom at a later date when I know I won't be messing with the settings.
7. Sell old gyo on forum. :) You won't want to use one of those again....ever!
8. Follow setup instructions in Microbeast book - and you are done. There is also a four part youtube video with a German fella which is pretty good gouge - but beware it is version 1 software - so the options are different. Video is good for an over view, and has some additional good gouge - but follow the book.

Go flying - and enjoy a rock solid heli. I can't believe just how easy it was to setup, and how solid it feels. I normally don't fly in >10kts of wind. I flew the other day in 15kts, gusting, and it was as if it was 7kts.

Last additon which is on the way is the infinity hobby torque tube tail for the Minititan.

PS. I'm not associated with any of these groups - I just had to tell some other Minititan flyers about this experience. I was about to buy a new heli - but had lots and lots of Mini-titan spare parts. This has breathed new life into the old girl - and may as well be a new heli. Best part is 'when' ('if' for you heli demi-gods) you crash - the setup process is so simple, and you end up with a totally locked perfect flyer again. no more mechanical mixing...yay!!!!!

Hope this was helpful to someone.


02-28-2011, 10:14 PM
Aussie Titan,

Can you add some pics and video?

03-09-2011, 06:41 AM
Loaded some pics here:


03-09-2011, 09:55 AM

Where did you buy the FBL head?


3D Dave
03-11-2011, 01:11 AM

Here's the head. Must be popular as it's out of stock.


I plan to make my MT FBL next year.