View Full Version : Outrage Velocity 50 Flybar ver. Airframe ($360)

05-27-2011, 07:43 AM
Perfect condition Airframe, for sale.

Only selling because I want another Electric heli. Flies great!
I have about 1.5 gallons on this heli since new.

This was my main heli and I flew it FBL for a while until I got my Fusion. Then I put the FB head back on it and have not flown it but a handful of times since. The frame has been cut so that the gyro/FBL unit fits right above the front two servos. Just so you know.

Just remembered that I just upgraded the tail to the new Fusion 50 style tail. That was $80 right there...

I may sell the Spartan Gyro with it also if you are interested. I have the Spartan Flash link that is included also.

Also has Lynx Canopy Mounts;

For Pictures please look here: http://rc.runryder.com/helicopter/t645483p1/


Sale does not include, Servos, or any other electronics. Just Airframe

07-11-2011, 06:23 PM
Bump $300 for Airframe