03-17-2007, 07:16 PM
Hey all,
Up for sale I have a new T-rex 450 SE with a Fusono Bell 222 fuselage with retractable landing gear. Here is whats on the heli.Servos are three Hitec HS55 and a Airtronics 94761Z digital micro servo for tail. A JR Z650 metal gear handles the retracts. The gyro is a GY401 and the receiver is a Futaba FP-R 138DP PCM1024. The motor is a Align 450SL brushless, Align 30AMP ESC. The main rotor has the upgraded blue&green gears,glitch reducing ring,new upgraded belt for tail,deans whip ant. and heat sink for motor.The main rotor is a Micro Heli aluminum setup even including the anti-rotation bracket. The tail is also a Micro Heli aluminum Pro SE tail assembly.The fuselage is from Fusono and the quality and detail on these is awesome,and the retract assembly is another great feature! Also installed is a 14mm spotlight from Heli Direct. Included is three Common Sense lipos (2-2000mah & 1-1650mah).DN lipo balance charger inc. Futaba T7CHP included with chan. 5 working the retracts.
Spare parts include
1 new set Align 325 pro blades 4 new feathering shafts
1 Align blade balancer new 2 new flybars
3 carbon fire tail braces 1 new carbon fibre battery ext.
1 new tail boom 1 set carbon tail boom braces
1 pitch gauge 4 new Align main rotor shafts
4 new spare main rotor gears 1 bag stainless steel ball ends
1 new spare anti-rotation bracket 1 bag linkage rods and ends
1 new set Align 335 pro blades 1 PVC felt lined stand for heli
1 used set Align 335 pro blades 1 aluminum T-rex parts box
1 used set 315 carbon fibre blades 1 Micro Heli aluminum washout base
2 sets new carbon fibre tail blades 3 carbon tail braces
1 set of flybar paddles 1 new tail boom
1 Align blade balancer new 1 pitch gauge
3 carbon fire tail braces 4 spare main rotor gears
1 new tail boom 1 DN lipo balance charger
This is a awesome looking heli and has never been flown.We all know how much money we put in these so no need to mention that. I am asking 1300.00 including shipping. Any questions please pm me. Thanks Jeff

03-21-2007, 05:16 AM
I am relisting this because the person who agreed to purchase this has not contacted me in three days and has not returned any e-mails so back for sale it goes. Thanks

03-21-2007, 05:20 AM
Nice heli. I always have liked the bell 222 look.

04-04-2007, 01:18 AM
would you consider taking the tx and rx out of the chopper and sell it cheaper.

The TX and RX are no good to me as we use 36mhz in Australia, if so how much?

email at wcarson98@hotmail.com if your willing

PG 378
04-04-2007, 07:02 AM
Consider a trade for a Stinger 50. Take the Tx Rx out?