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08-09-2011, 05:03 PM
Hi all,

I have a Plantraco HFX 900 system for sale- This includes the following:

Micro9 3 Channel PlugnPlay 0.9g Receiver
Approx 0.9 gram weight
Outputs for single motor and 2 actuators, ideal for rudder and elevator control or V-tail elevon control
Plug and Play nanoconnector sockets for your actuators and motors - no soldering needed
10mm Bahoma battery terminals for quick and easy battery connections
LED and Audible Tones to indicate status and frequency number (6 frequencies)
Built-In Low Voltage Cutoff protects your Lithium cells from over-discharge

HFX900 Transmitter with 10mm Bahoma charger built-in
900Mhz ISM band USA, 868Mhz EU - FCC and CE certified
4 CH transmitter - Full Proportional
6 User Selectable frequencies
Exponential and V-Tail mixing modes
Built-In lipoly Bahoma charger for LP90 Bahoma cells
Requires 4 AA cells

2 pcs of 90mAh Bahoma Lipoly Cell

2 pcs of MiniAct 1.1g magnetic actuator with nanoconnectors to plug into receiver with ease

7mm 1.7Ohm Direct Drive Motor and nanoconnector to plug into receiver with ease

Two Tri-Turbofan Props

I never got around to building anything with this. I did connect the receiver and motor to test it out and it works well. Pretty impressive for such light and small equipment. I don't have much use for it. I bought this for $150

Asking $75 shipped-- paypal only



Andy Cowie
08-10-2011, 12:33 PM
Hey Ren.
I have great interest for this set. However, i live in England.
I understand if you'd rather sell to someone in the states but components like this are hard to come by in Britain for such a resonable price!
I am happy to pay whatever extra postage cost is necessary within reason and i hope to hear back soon!
Thanks. Andy.