View Full Version : Set up Futaba 6EX 2.4Ghz help!

04-12-2007, 10:11 AM
Some one please help me. Please
This TX is same with Futaba 6EXH

I use T-Rex 450SE and a Radio Futab 6EX 2.4 ghz.
I currently like mode NORMAL not using IDLE.
1. on Futaba TX 6EX 2.4 GHZ, for HOLD Throttle hold funtion. What % I should put_____+/- %. There is no default anywhere. Please give me an advice.
2. same as question 1 , but for REVO (Pitch -ruder mixing function). What % I should put. (down +/- _____%), (up +/- _____%) There is no default anywhere. Please give me an advice.
3. same as question 1, but for SW-T Swash to throttle mixing. chA (aileron)____%, ch E (Elevator)________%
4. same as question 1, but for SWSH . What % I need to put on ch A (aileron)_____%, chE (elevator)______%, ch P (Pitch)_____%?
Please give me an advice.

04-12-2007, 11:04 AM
#1. For throttle hold setting with an electric. I would think you want the precentage setting to be the amount that turns off the ESC till the motor is not running.

#2. If using a Heading Hold type gyro. You need to INHIBIT the rudder mixing. If it will not inhibit, leave the precentage at 0

#3. Would not think you need to use Swash to Throttle mixing with an electric. The ESC's usually have a governor mode and run at the set rpm.

#4. This is the swash menu where you set the AFR's for travel functions when in 120 deg eCCPM mode. Aileron ( increasing or decreasing controls how much travel the swash has from full deflection each direction of the aileron stick control.
Elevator ( same thing, but when full deflection of the elevator stick control is applied).
Pitch, This controls the total pitch range travel. Increase the precentage to get more pitch range, decrease for less pitch range.