View Full Version : ICE75 mini v-bar 5.2.4 bailout issue

09-07-2011, 03:54 PM

I have a Logo 400 DX7 ICE75 and a Hyperion phase tacho.

I am having problems with the autorotation bailout and the idle during bailout.

I have watched Mr Mel vids:noteworthy re endpoint setup but to arm my esc I have to have 107% if I turn this down lower I cannot arm the esc and thus cannot set the idle during bailout

I have 3 flat throttle curves 0% 80% and 100%

If I arm the esc by turning the percentage up to 107% then turn the percentage down to 72% then the motor idles, but then the throttle hold does not work and I cannot stop the motor ! :confused:

Am I missing something here.:arggg:

I was running ok in governor mode with the ICE75, that has a good bailout function, but wanted to try the v-bar governor

thanks in advance