View Full Version : Spektrum DX8 seeting sofr TREX 250???

11-30-2011, 03:59 PM
Hi all, so I recently purchased a T Rex 250. I'm having issues with setting it up on my Spektrum radio. My radio settings so far are:

Throttle Curve-N..0, 60 ,80, 87, 95
ST1..97, 93, 85, 93, 97
ST2..100, 97, 92, 97, 100

Pitch Curve-N..42, 33, 61, 83, 100
ST1..0, 17, 50, 83, 100
ST2..0, 15, 50, 85, 100

Ele -53
Pit -49

The issue I'm having is the 250 takes off fine, and hovers right above midstick, but once I get in the air, increasing throttle(collective), and decreasing it feels like the heli takes some time to read my input to drop or gain altitude??? I dont know why????? Can anyone tell me if I'm missing something? Or share their throttle curves/pitch curves? Or DX8 setup, any help will be appreciated guys/gals, I just really want t fly her, and with this mushy feeling throttle (collective) ive been kind of restrained from letting her go out.