View Full Version : Scorpion- Hoo Haa!!!!

12-12-2011, 08:52 PM
I purchased a 4035-400 from an un-named company who advertized it as having a 6MM shaft which is what I needed to fit my pinion. When the motor arrived, very quickly I might add, it took me about two seconds to realize that it came with an 8MM shaft and was un-usable that way for me. That was last Thursday afternoon. Thursday evening I went on the Scorpion web site and ordered the 6MM shaft. I then realized that it would be coming from Hong Kong. Two options to ship were offered, DHL was the cheapest by about six dollars vs UPS so, knowing that it would be a while anyway, I picked the "cheap" shipping.
It arrived this MORNING at 9:22AM!... that is MONDAY MORNING!!!!
Anyway, I thought it would take a lot lot longer so I found one at a very large revered heli site and ordered another one. Cheaper shipping by far, USPS first class mail. Coming from California. I'm still waiting on the second one and they were both shipped on Thursday last week.
I realize that it is not entirely Scorpion that did good, but DHL as well but, imagine from Hong Kong! I think that it might be difficult for a live person to make that trip as fast.
I'm impressed!