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12-31-2011, 05:38 PM
Hi guys, did a dry build the other night. Can't believe how nicely it goes together (compared to the HK450 I learnt on.) Since this is my first big heli, I have a couple of questions to make sure I get it all done right now that I am thread locking and setting up.

1. I'm guessing that when the manual says "general" and "special" threadlock it means removeable (blue) and permanent (red) threadlock?

2. Should I be setting the BEC to 5.25v or 6v? I have the stock servos that say they are rated at 6v, but wonder if it is safer to run 5.25 and not work them too hard. Also, what about voltage reduction on the tail. I see it spoken about here and there and wonder if it's something I need to worry about.

3. What ESC timing should I be using? I have the stock Scorpion 910kV motor.

4. I can't seem to get enough angle on my tail blades to set up rate mode. With my tail servo at 90 degrees, and the tail control rod links turned in as short as they will go, I'm only getting about 2 degrees on the tail blades. I have also used the outer locating dimples for the tail rotor hub on the tail shaft, so I can't get any more that way either.

I'm thinking of grinding the rod a little shorter, as there is plenty of thread left on it, but don't want to do this and then later find I've stuffed it up when it's too late to make it longer again. Anyone else needed to do that?


Chris Sexton
12-31-2011, 06:21 PM
Welcome to the grin club!

I will take a shot at some of these.

1. Yes
2. 6v
3. I run the default on the stock esc and medium timing on my castle esc's.
4. I would say try different tail blades. I never tried the supplied plastic blades. I use KBDD extreme 86mm.

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12-31-2011, 06:47 PM
as far as timing goes at 7.5 and my motor does not sound like its getting the power it should, 11.25 seemed to be pretty good but at 15o the motor seems to run the beast and sound the best, as long as its not coming down really hot after flying 15o motor timing seems to be the ticket, i say try both 11.25o than change it to 15o for the next flight and see what you like best

3 of us got a X5 and we have been playing around with motor timing.

12-31-2011, 07:05 PM
For test fit on my X5 build I used the following.
1. Yes
2. 6v
3. 15
4. Im not home right now to check, but I did initially install my tail servo backwards and that put the servo horn in the wrong position. I flipped it around as the maual shows and all lined up perfectly. Allowing me more than enough adjustment for rate mode setup.

Not sure if I was much help, but good luck with your build. My first build was an HK450 too. And I was REALLY happy with the build of my X5. Loved the way it flew, awesome time really.
Just crashed it a couple weeks ago (and by crash I mean cracked frames and new parts needed from the front torque tube gears back.), so I'll get to experience the joy of a rebuild on the X5.

12-31-2011, 07:43 PM
Thanks guys, seems to be a consensus on the first 3 questions, so I'm happy with that. I'll double check I didn't do anything silly with the tail, then get back to you.