View Full Version : Blade CP 2n1 mixer help

01-10-2012, 11:46 AM
I have been slowly putting together a modded CP. It has a cool flight tech all alum. frame tail skids etc. I also have a complete CNC head on it. I picked up the SR DD tail for it and have the 2n1 with mixing pot and Spektrum 6100e RX with Detrum GY48V HH Gyro. My problem at the moment is wiring this thing up. How do I connect the tail motor wire, gyro and 2n1 all together with the RX. The SR manual is of no help to me is useless for my needs. Normally tail wire goes into 2n1 but then how would gyro work? If it goes into gyro then how, and what about mixing pot for 2n1. Thanks