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06-19-2007, 10:28 AM
Hi guys.

I want to make the step from FP to CP. The last weeks I spend surfing the net for info and now my choice is down to 2 heli's that fit within my budget (have to have all the stuff like transmitter, esc, bec, lipo's, receiver, etcetc):

1. The Trex 450 S
2. Dragonus II PLUS or ELITE

The question is, which one is better on average? I've read a lot about the Dragonus and it seems the bomb. Only (big) downside seems to be the spare parts. I live in the Netherlands and the parts are only available in the far East or the states. Furthermore are a lot of the spares "out of stock" quiet often. Is this a bad sign and can you say spares are rare in a year or so?

The Trex 450 S (don't have the money for a 450 SE V2) seems also like a banging heli if you replace the bladegrips with alloy ones.

Anyone of u fly one of this heli's and want to share his/hers thoughts with me?

Greetz Raoul

06-19-2007, 02:03 PM

I fly the Dragonus for Over Tec (Overlander) in the UK, the new distributers over here and are building up a good stock of spares for the model.
The RCer European supplier, A2PRO (http://www.a2pro.fr) is based in France and so that is a lot closer to you for spare parts orders etc. Many more stockists of the Dragonus are popping up all over the world as this model gains the popularity it deserves.

At the end of the day spares availability will probably be the deciding factor for you.
As to the two models flying qualitys, having flwon both the ones your looking at I will say both fly equally as good as on another once setup right, but I do prefer the Dragonus. There is just something about it that seems better, plus spare parts are priced the same or better.

06-19-2007, 02:53 PM
Thanks coolice!

Good to hear that :). Will check out the supplier asap. Man, this is a hard decision :arggg: . Will sleep on it for a few more nights and then decide what to do.

And knowing this won't make it any easier ;)

06-20-2007, 01:00 PM

I always feel it is a tough decision now choosing a mid sized model as there are indeed so many good ones to choose from.
For me having a Dragonus is a little different considering I fly for Century, but as they dont yet have anything in that size range I feel ok flying flying it. Bottom line is I love it, I will do things much, much lower with it than I do my Swift as I know if it goes wrong it aint gonna cost me to much. I have had a couple of hard landings, one glitch and another when the head dampers gave out and each time I've only broke simple, cheap things which makes me happy.
Other than that though the models excellent, I have 2 other club members who brought their's on the strength of seeing mine go and they to do not have any regrets.

Let us know what you decide.

06-20-2007, 03:15 PM
Hey Coolice.

Still in doubts. I checked A2PRO but they don't deliver to private persons like me. Found no suppliers in the Netherlands, 1 in Belgium (with very limited stock) and none in Germany. So only US and Asia. For me that will say that the transport costs will be very high every time I order something. That's a big con.

But despite that still love the facts I hear.

So a few more nights of thinking and then I will decide what it will be, the Dragonus II Elite or the Trex 450 SE ...

Will let u know!

PS: If u know suppliers in Holland, Belgium or Germany, let me know :D


06-21-2007, 05:02 AM

Yeah, unfortunately A2PRO is just a distributer and not a seller as such. Have you by any chance emailed them to find out about shops they supply near to you?

I have emailed Over Tec to see if they supply model shops in your area with spares and or LiPo batterys, as if so that will help.

Obviously the UK companys are capable of shipping abroad, dont know how much it would be though.