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03-16-2012, 12:06 PM
I kinda look at it this way, again a electrical motor is a device that performs a transformation of energy in that it takes electricity and changes it to mechanical work.

This operation is a basic of physics that can be applied to many ways of doing this.

So for instance, lets say you have a 1974 Camaro that came from the factory with a 350 with a 2 barrel carb on it and you take it to the track and want to run a quarter mile and so you floor it through all the gears and get that done in one specific time.

So then you decide that you want to do that quciker and so you go out and buy and installed a 4 barrel carb on it and go to the track and do the same thing, well you will do it faster, but you will only do that as you use more gas.

Now yes, you could do it where you only look to run the car at the exact same time, but even then as your are running a 4 barrel, I know you would still be using a bit more then the 2. But also in a way, what would even be the point to even put the 4 barrel carb on there in the first place if all you were going to do is use it to run the exact same time???

But then as well too, despite how you might try, when running that car around in all the other ways and places that you did before with 2 barrel on there such as going to work or getting groceries, the fact is that even despite your best efforts, you are still going to use some more gas.

And even kinda with that to get back to the point, why would you even waist the time in putting the 4 barrel on there if you are going to drive it in only some exact way to try to mimic what you got out of the 2 barrel?

Truth is, when you get on the highway or pass cars or even pull out of your driveway, you are going to be using the more power the 4 barrel can provide and the only way that 4 barrel is going to be doing that for you is by using more gas.

Anyway, as that is how I have seen things work on all the wide varieties of all the mechanical things I have worked with my whole life, and also seen how that is a universal thing that translates to all kinds of things like this, that is what makes sense to me at least.

03-16-2012, 02:15 PM
You will find a second set of stats on their website. I think it's a misprint