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04-01-2012, 03:09 AM
I went ahead and did the Hold/Mode Switch...uh..."switch".
Am I glad I did it? Yes.
Do I recommend doing it? No.
How was it? If you're a ten-thumber like me it's a lot harder than it would seem.
If you've got some savvy (I don't)....piece of cake!!

Opening the case was easy...full stop.
The rest took ME three and a half hours!
Hardest part? Getting the switches out of the Tx.
You have to remove the circuit board to get the switches out.
Simple... Right? WRONG! Never achieved it. I removed all the screws, and waited for the board to hop out onto the bench. NOPE! Something else was holding the board in place.
What? I never figured that out! So how did I get the switches out? I removed the adjacent switches(Aile D/R& Elev D/R) Still NO-GO. What next?
Obvious! Cursing! Then...
Brute force. (Like I said: I DON'T recommend it)
Anyway I finally scared (scarred?) the switches out of their holes.
And then guess what? YOU GET TO PUT THEM Right BACK, only backwards!!!:arggg:
Once you get the switches "switched", IF nothing broke during that wrestling match, the rest is just solder and wire. AND hopefully some creative wire-routing, so you don't tangle up your gimbals, or crush wires in the re-assembled case.But ALL that's easy compared to getting the switches out.

Like I said: I'm a moron (Didn't I say that?) I don't know whatever magic is necessary to pop that circuit board. IF you do, this mod is pretty easy. If you DON'T you're in for a frustrating time.

BUT...and it's a BIG but...when and IF you succeed, you've got the most coveted Tx in WalkeraWorld: You've got the TH and F.Mode WHERE THEY BELONG!. No, Walkera's way is NOT the right way (IMO). When I switch modes, I WANT my right hand dealing with the CYCLIC ONLY.
When I go for throttle hold, I want one hand flipping the hold switch and the other slamming the throttle shut. This is a BAILOUT...a pre-crash procedure. NOTHING MORE. One hand for each duty.
Besides this, science has shown that in moments of confusion or "fear" (degrees of the same thing), the mind reverts to early learning. Hence: hitting the HOLD switch you learned FIRST. And there's nothing...NOTHING... you can do about it.

For those who use only Walkera Tx's, you probably never had to un-learn muscle-memory. Lucky you. But for those of us who spent weeks, months, or years burning that Throttle Hold into our reflexes, ... hittting "stunt mode" when we need to power down, is the last (and worst) thing we could do. It's the equivalent of seeing a train in front of you and hitting the gas.:wow2:

SO to sum up: Do I recommend doing the switch "switch"? No. Do I recommend having the "Tx Fairy" do it for you? Absolutely.:thumbup:
It's either that...or take your chances.

P.S Mine was 100% successful. Works perfectly, and if I can do it.. MOST of you can...
It IS worth it! Not only to eliminate Pilot Error on the Walkera, but on your other Tx's as well. A crash is no time for full throttle.

04-01-2012, 10:06 AM
I just got used to where the switches are on the top. On one of my 450's, the flight mode switch is on the left, and throttle hold on the right. On the 600 and micros, I use the 2801, which, as you know, flight mode is on the right, and throttle hold on the left. I've never really gotten them confused, as I mostly fly with the 2801, but I would have to be in the air flipping to idle up, and accidentally hitting throttle hold... Could end badly :)