View Full Version : Can the Jazz 40-6-18 perform as well as the CC ICE 50 Lite??

04-06-2012, 06:34 PM
OK now that I have your attention:lol:

I have just added a Jazz 40 to my 450 Pro, it is an older one I got off RC groups Classifieds. hand scribed number is 3F4...
I have the ESC set for mode 4
I am running a Scorpion 2221-8V2, I started with a 15T pinion 10:1 ratio.
On the Castle I was running set RPM at 3150, and getting 4 solid minutes, and very little bog, and awesome power. The tail was solid, and the packs were at about 3.7

I have Mini Blue, running 5.2 Pro, on the castle I had collective pre comp set to 22, and the tail was very well behaved.

I have tried TC of 55-80 with the 2221-8 and 15T and the power was good but the tail would move 20* right on hard snappy collective pops, the ICE did not do this. I moved the rudder gain up and down 20 points, and moved collective pre comp up to 30 and down to 10, and it didn't seem to make much difference?
After trying all that I pulled the motor and added a 14T pinion and went as high as 90% on TC still blowing to the right?

Things of note...

ICE was set to 6V on the BEC
Looks like the Jazz is set to 5, and I don't know how to adjust it, or if it is adjustable? Could this lower voltage mean my tail servo is not getting the power it needs?
It is windy as heck here today

If you guys have any perspective I would love to hear it... I was hoping the 40 would work, but I'm starting to loose hope...

04-06-2012, 07:10 PM
I'm having all kinds of trouble with my ICE Lite 50 on my 450 Pro. Tail has terrible oscillation regardless what I set the Gov gain to (seems better at higher gains, but still terrible). I'm thinking about swapping it for a Kontronik Koby 55.

You might need the Prog Disk to adjust the Jazz parameters?

04-06-2012, 08:04 PM

These settings on mine were rocking...

Running the VBar, the machine was ridiculous!

04-07-2012, 08:54 AM
I made it to a good flying spot this morning, and I feel like I gave the Jazz a good flight... It feels pretty good, I didn't notice the tail stepping out doing tic tocs... The power seemed pretty good, I'll have to do some more flying to be sure...

04-07-2012, 05:25 PM
Thanks for those settings. The heli flew better with them, but the tail is still a little jiggy. Surprisingly (to me anyway), increasing the motor timing helped too.

04-07-2012, 05:31 PM
Did you do the "grip flip mod"?

I could not get my tail to work well at all. Mini-V 5.2 tried the DS 520 swapped with a Futaba 9257. Slightly better. Installed KBDD 61mm "pro" T/R blades slightly better again but I could still force it to blow out and it had an odd acceleration feel.

Did the grip flip and whole different heli. Gains are back into the recommended range and it holds andfeels excellent.

This is all with an ICE 50 6s setup though.

04-07-2012, 05:42 PM
It's not that, it's the gov. That Koby 55 is looking better and better. I just want the damn thing to work. My Kontronik stuff just works. But it's just hard to spend that kind of $$$ on a 450 ESC.

04-07-2012, 05:44 PM
He is having an issue with the Kontronik ESC, the ICE was workin well from what he states....

04-07-2012, 05:47 PM
I know. I sort of hijacked his thread. (Sorry Jay)

04-07-2012, 05:56 PM
It's cool, glad the settings helped... I am still working to get the Jazz working...

04-08-2012, 06:57 AM
Well the Jazz still shows sag where the ICE did not, with the same batteries doing the same flying...

I guess next option is to try the VBar gov... with an Align ESC I have laying around...

04-08-2012, 07:07 PM
v-bar goving my 450 with a HobbyWing 40A esc was the best thing I did for it and I had a Jazz on it previously.

04-08-2012, 07:26 PM
v-bar goving my 450 with a HobbyWing 40A esc was the best thing I did for it and I had a Jazz on it previously.

Where do you plug in the sensor? I assume you are using a mini Blue?

04-08-2012, 07:40 PM
It's plugged in there somewhere. I'd have to look it up to see how it's supposed to connect.