View Full Version : Ice Lite 50 throttle settings dx6i

04-08-2012, 03:10 PM
I have a 450 with an Ice Lite 50 and a dx6i. Because I only have one idle up function, I am currently running the headspeed gov (in the throttle curve menu of the dx6i) at 70% for position 2 3 4 and 100% at full neg and full pos. Would it be better to just run 100% all the way across the board, or to keep it as is?

04-08-2012, 06:56 PM
I'm a little confused by your wording, but are you using the set gov mode and using a flat curve in idleup and a 0-20-40-40-40 curve in norm?

Any throt value between 50-99% will gov at the speed you have set in that section. If you want to use 100%, then you need to make sure you have the desired rpm set in the 100% section.

Lets say you didn't set a value, and then you set the curves for flat 100%, the esc will think you want to run at the rpm set for that throttle position, if its not set, it will just stop running.

To be safe just set the 50-99 and 100 sections to the same rpm, this way any throttle input between 50-100 will be the same rpm. Then you can set your idleup to a flat 50, flat 60, flat 70, flat 80, flat 90 etc to get the same gov headspeed.

You should use a flat curve for idleup, it keeps the setup simple, even though you could put in a linear curve and it would still function at the same rpm(unless below 50% or you have a different rpm set for 100%), but why make it more complicated than it really needs to be?