View Full Version : NIB- FBL Hirobo Turbulance D3, Factory FBL Head

04-14-2012, 06:57 PM
Factory Fbl Unit,
NIB kit
Great Flyer, I have one already, not going to get around to building this one.

What you are looking at is a completely unassembled Hirobo D3. Everything is brand new and still in the original plastic bag (except for one bag for holding the swash 135 ccpm standoff as I open it up for doing some measurement on the standoff).

This kit does not come with anything above the swash including the SSZ-IV head. However, it comes with the brand new in box Hirobo SSL FBL head (0414-539). You do not need any extra parts to build this D3 FBL.

Kit Info:

FBL Head info:

Over $1800.00 Invested, and that was a good deal.

$1099.00 PP/Shipped