View Full Version : signal loss/glitches with spin 16.3??

big red*
04-21-2012, 11:27 PM
k so i got the spin 16.3 with xp7a, very excited to try it out.. have to say from the start, i accidently screwed up my xp7a, had it clamped down with my handy third hand(what are those things called? lol) while i was soldering, went to test the solder and forgot my aligator clip was still contacting the board all over the place!! ahh so, it kinda fried.. but it still works?? only thing is now when i power up, it wont make its beeps..anyways so when i go to test the 16.3, under no load (no main gear) its amazing and spins like crazy! but when i put the main gear on, first i have to kinda help it start spinning. like a bump start.. 9 tooth pinion, but once its gets goin it starts to spin, but after about 1/4 throttle it begins to glitch.. the blue light on my board goes out for about a second, long enough to loose a little rpm, then it tries to spin up again and then glitches out again, all awhile the servo's are doin their own crazy thing(under no load the servo's work flawless) i have no idea whats goin on, i know i should buy a new esc, and i will, but ugh! :face