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07-28-2007, 03:43 AM
Hi everyone

Let me introduce myself quickly. I just got into rc finally after several years of painful waiting. So I got myself a Twister cp V2 to start with and can't wait till I have my own big hangar with several helicopters :D

To my problem: I've got a swallow AC/DC 2 charger which I want to charge my Lipo batteries which where supplied with the twister cp V2. But the Lipo has to plugs, one (2 pins) which is plugged into the helicopter for flying and the other one (4 pins) to the supplied charger. Now my charger only has 2 pins (cathode & anode).

Can I just plug the charger into the 2 pin plug which goes into the helicopter or do I need to make myself some kind of an adapter. Also if someone could explain me why the battery has those 2 plugs (a 2 & 4 pin).

Thanks guys for helping

07-28-2007, 03:48 AM
a link to the kind of battery I've got.


08-03-2007, 11:14 PM
You can use the 2 or 4 pin connector. The four pin connector gives you access to each individual cell, while the 2 pin will charge all the cells at the same time.
LiPo's need to be balanced, so with your Swallow, you will have to use the 2 pin connector (disconnected from the heli) straight to the battery and a Balancer hanging of the 4 pin connector, which will balance the cells by discharging the cells with too high a voltage into the lower voltage cells
using a "through" balancer which you hook up the Charger via 2 pin to the balancer and then hook up the battery to the balancer via the 4 pin plug. The balancer will then feed each individual cell instead of the charger...with other words the balancer is "In Line".
It's important that LiPo's are balanced.