View Full Version : Trex 600E heli's

05-14-2012, 06:47 AM
I have 2 complete trex 600EP 3D RC helicopters. One is completely assembled and ready to fly, the other has been taken apart for shipment and has only been hovered once. Getting out of the RC heli hobby and would like to sell everything as a package deal. Im including the two heli's, a Futaba 10C 2.4GHz radio, Triton EQ2 battery charger for Li-Po battery's with octopus harness( will charge just about every battery out there), blade angle tool, aluminum swashplate leveler, aluminum ball joint adjustment tool, two sets of allen/nut drivers, ball joint pliers, and many many spare parts to include several upgrade parts. Both heli's have Xgear Spyder gears included. Also throwing in a set of Curtis Youngblood carbon fiber main blades, three sets of carbon fiber tail blades, and the assembled aircraft already has CF blades installed. There are 3 5000mAh batteries included with this package. Also throwing in Phoenix R/C flight simulator and cable for the Futaba radio so that you can practice flying the 600 before you step up to the actual one. Selling it all together for $1800 OBO. You can contact me at (334) 443-0039 or email at own1bigtruck@yahoo.com. There is an answering machine so if I dont answer please leave a message.